TSR's are our critically important "TEAM SPORTS REPRESENTATIVES" 

Thank you for volunteering for such an important position. Your role has been described as a Team Parent, Coach’s Assistant, Communication Director, Fundraising Coordinator, Social Chair, and Merchandise Manager. You will find that all of those descriptions may fit at one time or another. A TSR truly is a “Jack-Of-All-Trades”. The familiar retort to that title is “master of none”, but the forgotten and most important line is the last one, “Certainly better than master of none.”


Nothing could be truer in every sense. Our TSRs handle many duties, often times doing things which they are not accustomed to, but were there no one in this position, Panther Pride could not exist. We know how important you are, and we all appreciate the effort you put into the Ridge Point athletics program. The board of directors, committee chairs and coaching staff will do all it can to help make your job as easy as possible.


We have created this Handbook for you, we hope it comes in handy, but if what you are looking for isn’t here please let your coach, a board member, or  committee chair know what we can do to help you.


You and your team are part of one of the best athletics program in the state, and we are excited to have you as one of the key players with Panther Pride.