Ridge Point High School All-Sports Booster Club

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Rob Harper


As Booster Club President, Rob provides overall direction and guidance to the
members of the Board to ensure that the organization maintains proper focus on
its defined purpose.

Bill Stratton

V.P. Booster Club

As Vice President of the Booster Club, Bill is responsible for the oversight of the general fund, booster club (non-team)
fundraising revenues and spending. This includes management of merchandise
sales, concessions, general school merchandise and other items sold to raise funds for the Booster Club.

Kendra Gammons

V.P. Athletics

As Vice President of Athletics, Kendra is
responsible for the oversight of the individual teams (non-general fund, booster club) fundraising revenues and spending. In addition, she is the Board’s liaison for the campus Athletic Coordinator, coaches and Team Sport Representatives in regard to fundraising and disbursement

Misty Provazek


As Treasurer, Misty is the guardian over all aspects of fiscal management to safeguard the organization’s finances; maintains accurate records of all bank accounts and documentation of all cash receipts and disbursements; and establishes policies and procedures to ensure safe, efficient, and accurate management of all organizational finances.

Kim Lee


As Secretary, Kim records, maintains and presents the minutes of all meetings of the organization. Kim is also responsible for maintaining the Board calendar of important events.

Trang Revere

Director of Events

As the Director of Events, Trang is responsible for the oversight and management of fundraising events and schedules for the Booster Club.

Natalie Frederick

Director of Membership

As the Director of Membership, Natalie is responsible for the oversight and management of all membership activities; recruiting new members and renewing
existing memberships.

Mercedes Farr

Director of Sales

As the Director of Sales, Mercedes is responsible for maintaining relationships between the Booster Club and the community regarding sponsorship opportunities.

MJ Pabualan

Media Director

As Media Director, MJ's duties and responsibilities include maintaining the club's website as well as updating all social media accounts and sending e-blast communications.

Nicola Johnson

At-Large Member

As the At-Large Board Member, Nicola's duties and responsibilities vary
according to the current needs of the association. She serves as support to the
other officers of the board.

Rick LaFavers

Athletic Coordinator

Rick Lafavers is the Athletic Coordinator for the Board and serves as the Faculty Liaison between the Booster Club and the coaches; Rick is an honorary member of the Booster Club.