Panther Pride Football Adds

Ridge Point high school is offering families a way to dedicate personal ads for their athletes in the 2020 RPHS Football Program. This program is our team’s number one fundraiser. It’s a high-quality program that lists all Panther football players from freshman through varsity. We also include cheerleaders, royals and band members. It’s sold at all home games and is a great keepsake for all our Panthers.

If you are interested in placing an ad in our 2020 Football program, please fill out a form and pay online below. If you need assistance with your ad, request help via the email address, below NO LATER than September 18th. Note: Digital format Ads must be 300 dpi or higher. High resolution JPEG or PDF files are desired formats. High quality hard copies are acceptable. Advertisement Submission Information Ads will appear in the 2020 Ridge Point High School Football Program.

1. Payment can be made prior to your ad submission; however, your ad layout must be submitted by OCTOBER 1, 2020. You have an option to pay online at RPHS Football.

2. Ad information (images and text) must be emailed to by the submission deadline. Please include payment confirmation. If you need assistance constructing your ad, please contact a volunteer through the email address.

3. Ads will be sized to fit the purchased ad dimension.

4. Digital format must be 300 dpi or higher. High resolution JPEG and PDF files are desired formats for your ad layout and images.

5. High-quality hard copies are acceptable. Thank you for supporting your 2020 Ridge Point Panther Football Team!